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In this section of our website we collect all the proposals that have been made by the Work and Research Groups of Fide, as well as relevant publications that study and comment on topics of maximum interest.

Likewise, you can find the proposals made by the Crisis Cabinets that were activated to respond to many of the doubts that arose as a result of the application of the State of Alarm in response to the pandemic caused by COVID-19 in March 2020.

Featured publications

Nationalism, Populism and Identities: Contemporary Challenges

The disappearance of the LIBOR USD and its replacement by the SOFR

Report Fide 21/22

Reimagining IP in an ever-changing world (GDE Vol. 2)

Comments on the Spain 2050 Report

Digital Money and Payment Systems 2022

Report Fide 2020-2021

The Role of IP In A Post-Crisis World

COVID-19 Proposals

Reflections from Science, Economy and Law in the face of the urgency generated by Covid-19

Proposals of the Administrative Law Crisis Cabinet Fide

Proposal of the Crisis Cabinet in labor matters of Fide about the ERTEs

Presentation Fide about the second chance mechanism

Proposal Fide on the telematic holding of hearings.

The “rebus sic stantibus” clause. Proposal for regulation by Fide

Conclusions Working Group of Fide on Company Law due to the state of alarm

General Proposals

Evaluation of Law 11/2021, of July 9, on measures against tax fraud
OCT 22 - FEB 23

Access to the cloud by public administrations

Comments on the "Draft Law on procedural efficiency measures of the Public Justice Service December 2022

The temporary effects of the fixation and changes of interpretive criteria in tax matters

The opinion of users regarding the use of mediation in civil and commercial conflicts

Executive Summary Course 21-22 GT Di-Capacity
JULIO 2022

Executive Summary Course 21-22 GT Climate Change and Energy Transition

Bill to Reform the Consolidated Text of the Bankruptcy Law
JUNE 2022

Conclusions Stage III Corporate Law Working Group
JULIO 2021

Conclusions Climate Emergency and Water Management Working Group
JUNE 2021

Pensions: 10 proposals for the Toledo Pact Recommendations
JUNE 2021

Mediation as a conflict resolution system in the XXI century
MARCH 2021

Entrepreneurship in Spain
JULIO 2020

Views from Civil Society for the future of Europe

Good Practice Guide for the incorporation and professional development of people with disabilities in law firms

Conclusions of the Working Group Good practices in professional offices on disability matters.

The future of work in Spain: impact of new trends

Plan “5-25” for the improvement of the Governance of Public Companies in Spain

Oxford Congress: AI, Big Data and the Digital Economy - Challenges and Opportunities

The key role of mediation

Proposals for telematic holding of hearings
(doc 2)

Criminal administrative sanctions: Double degree of jurisdiction "

Conclusions of the Working Group on Digital Currencies

Proposals for telematic holding of hearings
(doc 1)

Reflections on electoral reform

Consultation on the "Digital Services Act" of the European Commission

Regulatory Law Working Group: Conclusions and proposals

Recommendations for the correct use of DNA analysis for forensic purposes

Final Report Corporate Law Working Group

Proposals Draft Law on Climate Change and Energy Transition

The review of the public spending model in Spain

Immigration in the XNUMXst century: impact and perspectives

La mental salud

Tools for thinking

Conclusions Working Group Fide: Refinancing Agreements

Proposal for the reform of the Spanish regulation on registration of filiation relationships established abroad through surrogacy

Bases of a new criminal justice model

Working Group Fide Timeshare: Conclusions and Proposals

Reflections for a constitutional reform

For a new labor legislative framework

The process of preparing the tax regulations: current situation and its necessary evolution

The role of law in a changing environment

Collaborative connection: Opportunities in a continuous present principles of action

Collaborative Economy

The public sector and digital transformation


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