Reimagining IP in an ever-changing world

GDE Vol. 3 - 2022/2023

A thorough analysis of how Intellectual Property may respond to new worldwide challenges

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Fide et TIPSA (Transatlantic Intellectual Property Academy) continue to join forces to organize, since the first weeks of the Covid pandemic back in 2020, a longstanding Program of Global Digital Encounters, scheduled periodically around the area of Intellectual Property, with the goal of “Re-imagining IP in an ever-changing world”. 

The situation we live in has highlighted and made unstoppable something that we already knew: we are heading towards a world in which intangible assets are going to be key in a society oriented towards artificial intelligence and the data economy, where Metaverse, NFTs, Blockchain technology, Industry 4.0, Biotechnology and Bio-computing will be the keywords for the future.

So, the question is served: if intangible assets are increasingly important, how is the current Intellectual Property system duly equipped to respond to the needs of this new world? The Global Digital Encounters aim at addressing this fundamental issue with courage.

The present Publication reports on, and summarizes think-tank work performed at all Encounters that took place between September 2022 and July 2023.

Suggested Citation:

L. Manderieux, M. Desantes, J.Fernandez-Lasquetty, A. Arribas (Eds.), Re-Imagining IP in an ever-changing world, Global Digital Encounters vol.3, FIDE/TIPSA, 2023.

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Meet the people behind the document

The Global Digital Encounters Team

  • Laurent MANDERIEUX, Co-Director
  • Manuel DESANTES, Co-Director
  • Javier FERNÁNDEZ-LASQUETTY, Academic Coordinator
  • Álvaro ARRIBAS, Technical Coordinator

The Academic Family

  • Encounter 13: Intangible Cultural Heritage and IP
    • Prof. Benedetta UBERTAZZI
    • Prof Harriet DEACON
    • Prof. Tuomas MATTILA
    • Alexander Parra Pena
  • Encounter 14: Expanding Business Thanks to Data Economy: IP as a Tool
    • Dominique GUELLEC
    • Prof. Guido NOTO LA DIEGA
    • Prof. Aurelio LOPEZ-TARRUELLA
  • Encounter 15: Towards a more predictable legal framework for cross-border intellectual property disputes: the ILA-Kyoto Guidelines
    • Prof. Marketa TRIMBLE
    • Prof. Toshiyuki KONO
    • Prof. Axel METZGER, and Prof. Pedro DE MIGUEL ASENSIO
  • Encounter 16: Protecting Domain Names In A Worldwide Context
    • Malcolm BAIN
    • Caroline BERUBE
    • Prof Joe SEKHON
  • Encounter 17: Licensing Standard Essential Patents
    • Ruud PETERS
    • Prof. Jorge L. CONTRERAS
    • Jorge PADILLA
  • Encounter 18: IP and Videogames
    • Andrea Rizzi
    • Prof. Alina TRAPOVA
    • Carmelo Fontana
  • Encounter 19: Artificial Intelligence and the Audiovisual World
    • Prof. Giuseppe MAZZIOTTI
    • Prof. Giuseppina D'AGOSTINO
  • Encounter 20: Standard Essential Patents
    • Dr. Claudia TAPIA, LL.M
    • Dr. Igor NIKOLIC
    • Prof. Laurent MANDERIEUX
  • Encounter 21: The Metaverse as a challenge to Classical IP
    • Dr. Andres GUADAMUZ
    • Gregor PRYOR
    • Dr Michaela MacDonald

The Support Team

  • Arielle ABERDEEN
  • bayan xiao
  • Yulia BORISOVA
  • Ruben CANO
  • Magali CONTARDI
  • Maurizio CRUPI
  • Lara Farruggia
  • Rebecca Ferrero Guillen
  • Blanca JIMENEZ
  • Anastasiia KYRYLENKO
  • Aldo Fabrizio MODICA BAREIRO
  • Carlos Munoz Ferrandis
  • Jorge Luis ORDELIN FONT
  • dorottya paku
  • Athena POYSKY
  • Letizia TAKEN

We'll continue to work!

One year of intense think-tank work and debates on the role of IP in a world marked by profound changes allowed us to devise strategies, opinions, and also drawbacks on reinventing IP so that it better fits the needs of all stakeholders in society.

The work carried out throughout the GDEs covered in this publication confirms the conclusion that the expansion of our focus in light of world events is useful to support the international, European, and national creative plans to promote solid and sound frameworks for Intellectual Property to develop.

Fide et TIPSA are therefore committed to continue developing the Global Digital Encounters program, for further think-tank work. In order to be able to involve the Global Community and collect feedback from all countries and parties involved in the revision of IP practices and policies, we shall continue to develop our activities in a Digital format.

The GDEs will continue to focus on sharing experiences and expertise amongst professionals from the various fields of IP, via frequent Encounters and informal talks.

With the lessons learned, we now look to the future, and invite you to join us on the road ahead, and hopefully, together, we'll shed some light on the future of Intellectual Property.


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