Reflections from Science, Economy and Law in the face of the urgency generated by Covid-19

"We publish the document of reflections of the Working Group organized by the Foundations Fide and Garrigues on science, economics, and law. This document brings together the reflections of 7 experts on subjects ranging from science to geostrategy. We hope you find it interesting!"

When in April 2020 the consequences of Covid-19 began to unfold all its effects in Spain, the foundations Fide y Garrigues We brought together a group of experts who from their recognized fields of experience and knowledge would contribute to the analysis of the main challenges, the data and information that should be taken into consideration and facilitate the understanding of all the dimensions of the reality that we were living.

Access the Document of Reflections from Science, Economy and Law in the face of the urgency generated by Covid-19, where we reflect the terms of the debate, the open questions and to some extent the roadmap to follow. Science, economics, law and geostrategy will contribute their methodology and knowledge to the successive works.

As the document itself reflects, there are more questions than answers.



  1. Introduction by Antonio Garrigues Walker
  2. Introduction by Cristina Jiménez Savurido
  3. Analysis from the scientific field by Ramón Gomis de Barbarà
  4. Analysis from the geostrategic field by Ángel Gómez de Ágreda
  5. Analysis from the economic sphere by Rafael Doménech
  6. Analysis from the workplace by María Emilia Casas Baamonde
  7. Global analysis by Pedro García Barreno

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