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Legal Management Forum

The management forum is a FIDE initiative to deepen, from a practical point of view, the matters that both law firms and corporate legal departments have to manage to create the best possible structure where their professionals practice legal practice day by day. day. The context of the sector (economic, demographic or regulatory) sets the agenda of the subjects to be discussed. The non-competition environment generated by FIDE allows for the valuable contributions of all attendees to obtain the best practices of firms and legal departments. The academic objectives are focused on obtaining those best practices in management, people, business development, operations, knowledge management, and structure of departments and firms.

Objectives 20-21

The Effects of "Teleworking" on Firm Culture and Team Management

Digital transformation for support professionals

Collegiate government and decision-making

Business structures in SMEs

Necessary skills and competencies in an increasingly digital scenario

Javier Mourelo

People Director at RSM Spain. Member of the Academic Council of Fide.

Miguel Ángel Pérez de la Manga

Founding partner, Pérez + Partners Consultants. Partner Black Swan Consulting. Associate professor at the Law School of the University of Navarra

Juan Riego Vila

Director of the Legal Department, Carrefour.


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28 November 2019


  • Alberto Palomar Olmeda, Lawyer in the Administrative Law Area at Broseta Abogados. Member of the Academic Council of Fide

  • Jaime de San Roman, Lawyer at De Carlos Remón

Moderator: Javier Mourelo, Director of People at RSM Spain. Member of the Academic Council of Fide


Over the last few years, the focus of law firms has been to attract and retain younger lawyers, forgetting that this group usually does not exceed 30% of the lawyers in a firm.

Surely, it would be more productive to study collaborative formulas between the different generations that live together in an organization: baby boomers on the cusp, generation X, millennials and the incipient generation Z of students hired in internships.

Although the situation is not comparable to that of a decade ago - during the Great Recession -, the already confirmed economic slowdown that we will experience in the coming years will imply an added difficulty when promoting brilliant lawyers as partners of the firms: again , the bottleneck and frustration at the top levels of the hierarchical pyramid, given the impossibility of expanding the number of partners in the amount demanded by lawyers at the gates of the partnership.

In that context:

- How do the firms manage the management of the expectations of the lawyers in their different stages of seniority?
 - What internal rules are established to modulate the retirement of senior talent?
- Are those rules changing depending on the economic cycle?

 - Which ones have been more successful depending on the business model of a firm?
- What implications do these decisions have on the culture, values ​​and compensation model of partners?
 - Can law firms afford to dispense with certain partners who combine the best contacts, knowledge and the value of experience just for the fact of reaching a certain age?

March 5 2020


  • Ana Buitrago Montoro, Director of legal services, Amazon Spain

  • Eduardo Ruiz Montoya, Vice-president & Deputy General Counsel, Global Regions, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Moderator: Juan Riego, Director of Legal Counsel, Carrefour


We had the opportunity to analyze the following topics in the session:

o Talent management (“Talent Factory")

o Technology (“Smart Solutions”) And data-driven decisions

o The sophistication of the legal function (“the Inside Game")

o Time recording in legal advice

o The new generation of metrics for legal advisory departments

o Learning to program software

o The importance of culture

Academic coordination: Victoria Dal Lago Demmi


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