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In the last decade, the media have undergone, with the incursion of new technologies, a reconversion that has implied a true paradigm shift. We are faced with an increasingly weakened fourth estate that, in many cases, far from being the guardian dog and architrave on which democracy rests, is the servant of partisan and economic interests.

The main objective of this forum is to create a dialogue between the media and the legal sector to address issues of enormous impact on our society.

Objectives 20-21

  • The political and economic impact of disinformation campaigns.
  • How do the media communicate legal news?
  • The parallel trials.
  • The use of the media by companies to influence the Administration and legal changes. 
  • Political propaganda and the use of the media.
  • The financing of the media in times of crisis and the danger of their independence.
  • Foreign correspondents in Spain.
  • The impact of social media on the media ecosystem.
  • The secret of the sources.
  • The fact checkers. Who are the arbiters of truth?
  • The difficult role of social networks in the face of disinformation in political discourse. Should the RR.SS cancel the accounts of politicians?

Carolina Pina

Partner responsible for the Department of Industrial and Intellectual Property, Co-responsible for the Sports & Entertainment and Media & Telecom industries at Garrigues. Law degree from the University of Alicante. Master in International Law and Comparative Law from the “City of London Poytechnic” in London. He has obtained the titles of Spanish Industrial Property Agent and is a “Parltly Qualified British Trade Mark Agent”. WIPO arbitrator. Prix ​​Monique International Award of the UIA (Union International des Avocats) 2009. Member of the Academic Council of FIDE.


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27 November 2019

Speaker: Alvaro Lobato, Founding Patron, Fide

Moderator: Juan Delgado, Director of Global Economics Group. Member of the Academic Council of Fide


The purpose of the session was to analyze the evolution of the only economic system existing today, since capitalism has definitively imposed itself as the exclusive model of economic and social organization throughout the world. In light of the new statistical collection and analysis techniques that allow a very exact approach to the studied phenomena, some more significant characteristics of the various forms of capitalism of the XNUMXst century were investigated, such as the new forms of income distribution among work and capital, the concentration of wealth and its effect on global inequality, the intergenerational transmission of wealth or the various social patterns of behavior that affect family and personal life. Likewise, issues related to the new challenges posed by the globalization of the economy and the establishment of convergence measures such as universal basic income, among others, were also addressed.

Academic coordination: Victoria Dal Lago Demmi


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