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Supervision of financial markets in the EU: ('new') trends and challenges

"Speaker: Prof. Dr. MIROSLAVA SCHOLTEN, Professor and researcher at the University of Utrecht (Holland) Moderator: FIDE (Eduardo Muela Rodriguez)"

Today it has developed into FIDE a session with Mira Scholten, Professor at the University of Utrecht and specialist researcher in supervision and inspection in the European Union.

Dr. Scholten has focused her research on Constitutional Law and Comparative Administrative - Institutional Law of the EU. Since 2016 he has directed the research project "Shared enforcement but separate controls in the EU: How to make democracy and the rule of law work?" funded by the NWO (Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research). Likewise, he coordinates the RENFORCE project together with Prof. Dr. Michiel Luchtman.

The session focused on the financial markets in the EU by analyzing the functioning of the new supervisors, especially the European Central Bank and ESMA which have been granted broad supervisory and inspection powers over market participants.

One of the most relevant topics has been the analysis of how the new supervisors link up with the national supervisors of the member countries that maintain certain supervisory and inspection powers, especially over less significant entities. In particular, the control of the power of supervisors has been analyzed and how, and to what extent, they are subject to the control systems of the member states or to European control.

The session had a significant number of attendees and a high degree of participation.

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Supervision of financial markets in the EU: ('new') trends and challenges

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