Introduction to DLT technology and crypto assets

February 2023

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La DLT technology (mainly Blockchain) and crypto assets have become a recurring and relevant theme, given the significant growth in their use, their importance for the markets and the notable possibilities of use that allows in multiple sectors (financial, logistics, distribution, public sphere, education, energy, legal, etc.,). The recent approval of two regulations in Spain (creation of the Registry of certain crypto-asset service providers, in the BdE for anti-money laundering purposes, and the CNMV Circular for the control of the advertising of crypto-assets as an investment), as well as the foreseeable approval and publication, in the coming months, of five regulations in European Law on the matter (MiCA, Market Infrastructures in DLT, Transfers of crypto assets, eI DAS2 and DORA,), demand companies -of all sizes-, law firms, consultants, economists and even the public sector, have professionals who have training on this complex and disruptive subject.

The rapid expansion and growth of crypto assets in the world, as well as the development of blockchain projects, with a particularly striking boost after the pandemic and regulatory advances around the world, advise a initial and adequate preparation to be able to understand the possibilities yCourse the risks that crypto assets and their underlying technology, blockchain or other distributed ledgers, imply.

In the analysis of this problem, the current and projected status of the most relevant and innovative regulations will be analyzed on this matter, such as those from USA, Switzerland, some states of LATAM o Asia, as well as the incipient and interesting regulation that UE is in process or has just been approved.


The new title of Fide directed by Alfredo Munoz Garcia intends to approach and serve Introduction to the analysis of the fundamental and basic elements of distributed ledger technologyespecially from the blockchain technology, and the cryptoassets (cryptocurrencies, utilities, tokenized financial instruments, stablecoins, CBDCs -central bank digital currency-, NFTs -non fungible tokens-, etc.,). Therefore, it intends to present the most relevant elements of smarts contracts or tokenizations, as well as many of its applications, such as DeFi, DAOs, ICOs, STOs, etc.

With a duration of 30 h, the degree has a eminently practical nature, imparting and developing knowledge through the experiences of our experts and the testing of various casos of actual use, as well as an international projectionBecause in addition to starting on the bases technological or economic of DLT technology (especially blockchain) and crypto assets, exposes alternatives, already approved or in process, for its regulation, in order to solve many of the problems they generate and the risks they pose. Definitely, some of the lessons are shown they are learning with your application and that can be useful for technologists, economists, lawyers, regulators, supervisors, etc., from anywhere in the world, who are interested in this matter. 

February 2023

30 Hours

Practical exercises

Hybrid Format


Introduction to DLT technology and crypto assets


    1. bitcoin and blockchain
    2. Ethereum and smart contracts
    3. consensus protocols
    4. Types of platforms, access and applications: public, private and hybrid
    5. Programming basics
    6. The technology and developments in tokenizations
    7. DLT technology and crypto assets as financing instruments: especially tokenizations
    8. Cybersecurity notions
    9. Typology and regulatory framework of crypto assets
    10. Legal regime of smart contracts
    11. Digital Identity
    12. The native cryptocurrencies, stablecoins and CBDC
    13. Asset tokenizations: NFTs of digital assets and physical assets
    14. Approach to DeFi
    15. DLT technology, jurisdictional protection and ADRs

    All materials have been reviewed and approved by a expert committee with extensive experience in the industry.

Dates: February 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 15, 16, 20, 21, 22, 23 and 27

Calendar of sessions


Under Academic Direction of Alfredo Muñoz García, Fide has gathered a set of professionals from the crypto sector, the financial world, regulators, consultancies and academia, all of them experts in the subjects that make up the program.


Duration: 30 Hours

Number of Sessions: 15

Modality: Online (First and last session in hybrid format (In-person in Madrid, Spain + Online))

Who is it geared towards?

This degree is aimed at lawyers, economists, engineers, technologists, consultants, or anyone interested in getting started in the DLT, blockchain, cryptoactive and tokenization technology sector to implement them in their projects, companies, or for advising clients and institutions in Europe, Asia, North America and Latin America.


Dates: February 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 15, 16, 20, 21, 22, 23 and 27, 2023

Time: 15: 00h to 17: 00h

Share: 1.800€ *

*Members of the Academic Council of Fide and the Business Advisory Council have a 10% discount.

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