Friday 15th
September 2023
5.00 pm-6.00 pm CEST

Tech versus Humans?
AI-powered language models and IP Battles

Global Digital Encounters 29


In the Transatlantic Area, and all over the world, the emergence of AI-powered language models (one of the first ones being ChatGPT, rapidly followed by other models) profoundly affects the relation between AI and Intellectual Property. Public authorities, businesses, and consumers face challenging questions on redefining the role of IP in this innovative context. Further digitalization of society is expected to spur new evolutions.  What kind of consensus may exist in various parts of the world and international fora for such changes, and what kind of IP transformation/battles are connected to this matter?  For this Session of our Global Digital Encounters, Senior Speakers who specialize in this cutting-edge and thrilling topic, with a variety of opinions, will provide a worldwide picture of the probable future of IP protection and battles connected to AI-powered language models.


Meet the Panel


Academic fellow, Bocconi University

Prof. Dr. Thomas MARGONI

Research Professor of Intellectual Property Law at the Faculty of Law and Criminology, KU Leuven


Partner at Elzaburu. Professor of Law at IE University.


GDE 29: Tech versus Humans? AI-powered language models and IP Battles


About our Speakers


Academic fellow at Bocconi University, where he teaches numerous Law Courses with a focus on Technology Business and IP Law. Carmelo is a Technology attorney with over 15 years of experience. gained in the transatlantic area, with in-depth knowledge of the Italian regulatory and commercial practice.

Prof. Dr. Thomas MARGONI

Research Professor of Intellectual Property Law at the Faculty of Law and Criminology, KU Leuven, where he is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Centre for IT & IP Law (CiTiP). Thomas’ research concentrates on the relationship between law and technology, with a focus on comparative and European copyright law. Currently, he is exploring the transformations occurring in the creation, access, and distribution of information brought by technologies like the Internet, data and AI. Examples of relevant research projects include the Data Spaces Support Centre a Digital Europe funded project dedicated to explore current data space initiatives, define common requirements and establish best practices, where Thomas is KUL’s PI for the legal contribution; reCreating Europe, the EU H2020 project developing an integrated policy approach to copyright in the EU digital single market, where Thomas leads the task on AI and data ownership; Skills4EOSC the Horizon Europe project aimed to accelerate the upskilling of European researchers and data professionals in the field of Open Science; DAFNE+ the Horizon Europe project dedicated to the use of blockchain technologies to define novel revenue and business models for the cultural and creative industries; ZOOOM the Horizon Europe project focusing on awareness raising in the field of IP generation and management in collaborative innovation ecosystems, among others (for a full list see link below). Other areas of interest where Thomas has developed institutional as well as funded research include the processes of EU copyright and design law harmonisation; Data ownership and AI; Copyright, design rights and additive manufacturing; The digitisation of cultural heritage and the digital public domain; Open access and open science; Online intermediaries, fundamental rights and the platform economy; and the role of property rights in sports.


Partner at Elzaburu. Specialist in Intellectual Property and Information Technology, both in transactions and litigious matters. Formerly IP/IT Partner at the Madrid office of a multinational law firm. Previously a legal advisor to several companies in the information technology and technology consultancy sectors. Professor of IP at the IE Law School, Coordinator of IP at LLM programs. Visiting Professor at Carlos III University (EU Law Master’s programme) and Madrid Universidad Autonoma (Intellectual Property Master’s programme). Panellist of the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center, member of its Advisory Committee. Member of FIDE’s Academic Council and Director of its Annual Industrial and Intellectual Property Congress and Co-director of the International Congress on Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property.

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