Title: Senior Capital Markets Officer, ICO.

Organisation: ICO

Full Bio

Senior Capital Markets Officer, ICO. She has developed her entire career in the financial sector, most of it at the Instituto de Crédito Oficial (ICO) where she joined in 2017. There, she was part of the Capital Markets team, which is mainly in charge of the medium- and long-term funding as well as investor relations. She has been very focused on ESG issues since she joined ICO and has taken an active role in the entire process of issuing social and green bonds, from the very initial phase of exploration, elaboration of the social and green issuance frameworks, as well as their subsequent updates, to the issuance itself or the preparation of allocation and impact reports as well as other issues related to the issuance of instruments with an ESG approach. As an ICO employee, she has taken an active part in different working groups for the development of the social bond market within ICMA Green and Social Bond Principles, as well as other expert groups with the goal of developing the sustainable bond market. She has also been a representative member of the institution (ICO) in the Advisory Council of the Executive Committee of the ICMA Principles. Degree in Business Administration from de University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) and Master in Financial Management and Controlling from IEBS.


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