Brexit: European, and worldwide IP

"We publish the video of the 9th edition of the #GlobalDigitalEncounters on Brexit: European, and worldwide IP, with Prof. Alison FIRTH, Prof. Craig NARD, Prof. Alain STROWEL, and moderator Prof. Gabriele GAGLIANI."

For British, European, and Worldwide IP, Brexit means a partial fragmentation of a major IP Regional construction. This is a new phenomenon that is going in the exact opposite direction of the international evolution of IP, marked by 140 years of further regional and global harmonization trends. This fragmentation is taking place in the midst of the Covid crisis. Which meanings might be expected from this change largely unwanted by the IP Family? Will the UK and EU approach on various IPRs rapidly diverge? On which IPRs is this scenario likely and can we say that regional and international IP treaties applicable to both the EU and the UK have rendered this “divorce” less painful than what it could have been? How do all these European matters relate to the rest of the world? Speakers from Europe and North America will provide a worldwide picture of this foreseeable changed environment under a deeply transformed post-crisis world and elaborate on possible future scenarios.


  • Professor Alison FIRTH  MA, MSc, barrister Professor emeritus in law, University of Surrey.
  • Professor Craig NARD, Galen J. Roush Professor of Law and Director of the Spangenberg Center for Law, Technology & the Arts at Case Western Reserve University School of Law.
  • Professor Alain STROWEL, IP Professor at the Universities of Saint-Louis, Brussels and at the UCLouvain.

Moderated by: Professor Gabriele GAGLIANI, Lecturer in Law & Faculty Member at Bocconi University, and Adjunct Professor at Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, OH, U.S.A.)

For the speaker’s bios, event details, and readings, please download the official event flyer.

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