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International Academic Council

Strategically important cross-border analysis

About the IAC

Fide’s International Academic Council has been constituted with the overall aim to continue strengthening Fide’s presence internationally and contribute to cross-border analyses of current topics. The high standard body of professionals from countries in three continents, will collaborate strategically to identify and consider subjects which are topical and strategically important in a cross-border context.

The members of Fide’s International Academic Council meet regularly to discuss relevant topics, proposals, and exchange opportunities to collaborate and develop a calendar of activities which allows for activities aligned with the aim and vision of the Fide’s International Academic Council.

Main work areas

Artificial Intelligence

Digital Economy

Digital Revolution

Nationalism and Populism

Given Fide’s aim of growing its international activities, creating an International Academic Council is a logical next step, and will provide a wide spectrum of perspectives from professional based in different countries and different parts of the world. I think Fide has an exciting agenda for future International Congresses and workshops, and my goal is to contribute to it with advice and practical input, including news blogs on key legal issues for Fide’s website.

Professor Derrick Wyatt QC

Mission Statement

FIDE’s International Academic Council (IAC) is multi-disciplinary in approach; it learns from international collaboration, challenging pre-conceptions and drawing on the best international comparators; it facilitates the development of cross-border solutions to the most significant challenges in order to assist the decision-makers, national and international. 


Fide’s International Academic Council places a great deal of if importance on ensuring its activities remain open and transparent to Fide’s members. To guarantee that at any given time, ay interested party can know what’s being done, how it’s being done and when these actions are taking place, we publish the IAC’s «Meeting notes».

Meet the IAC

Activities and publications

Nationalism, populism and identities:
contemporary challenges
Re-imagining IP in an ever-changing world

As the world evolves, so must Intellectual Property.

Join us in our quest to re-imagine the role of IP.

AI, Big Data and the Digital Economy – Challenges and Opportunities

Conclusion Document

September 2019

Creating an adequate regulatory framework for the conception, impact, and development of Artificial Intelligence is and must be an absolute priority.

Related Elements

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Below you can find some highlighted elements as well as published papers related to the activities of Fide’s International Academic Council.

The economics of the Brexit Trade Agreement


The economics of the Brexit trade agreement

Derrick Wyatt QC

The political implications of the Brexit trade agreement


The political implications of the Brexit trade agreement

Derrick Wyatt QC

Oxford document cover ai big data and the digital economy conclusion document_1 (1)


Oxford Congress: AI, Big Data and the Digital Economy – Challenges and Opportunities

Conclusion Document

September 2019


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