Conversation with Daniel Sarmiento about Brexit and the Irish Backstop

"Throughout the 2019 Fide Congress on AI, Big Data and the Digital Economy, a series of interviews of some of the speakers were conducted. In this case, Daniel Sarmiento speaks to Alvaro Lobato about Brexit and the Irish Backstop."

Daniel Sarmiento is a professor of Administrative and European Union Law at Universidad Complutense of Madrid. Of Counsel, Uría Menéndez. Former legal secretary at the Court of Justice of the EU. He is the author of various books “Judicial Power and European Integration” (Thomson-Civitas, 2004), “The Administrative soft law” (Thomson-Civitas, 2007), “Proportionality control of the administrative activity” (Tirant lo Blanch, 2004). Member of Fide ́s Academic Council.

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This video is the result of a collaboration between the Fide Foundation and Long Time No See (…).

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