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Unitary Patent and UPC are on: and now what? – GDE 26 Report

The 26th Global Digital Encounter invites us all to reflect on the advantages and disadvantages of this complex but exciting system, on the most immediate advantages and problems that its application will bring to European and non-European Inventors and on its future in the medium and long term.

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Standard Essential Patents – GDE 20 Report

We’re happy to publish the report and recording of our 20th Global Digital Encounters on Standard Essential Patents with Dr. Claudia TAPIA, LL.M, Dr Igor NIKOLIC, and Professor Laurent MANDERIEUX, which took place on May 11th, 2022.

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Trademarks as a business tool towards a new rebound – GDE 6

What role will trademarks play as business tools towards a new rebound, in an evolving business and social format that’s being transformed by the COVID-19 crisis? Learn the conclusions reached by world-leading experts at our 6th Global Digital Encounters.

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