Fide’s Digital Money and Payment Systems 2022 paper is now available in English

"A legal, economic and technological analysis of the world of Digital Money and Payment Systems in 2022 in Spain and the world."

The document presented here constitutes a useful tool for understanding a certainly complex phenomenon. Professionals in law, economics, finance and citizens in general may be more or less familiar with the concepts of digital money, cryptoassets, digital identity or the technologies that today determine the evolution of financial infrastructures, but what is extremely difficult to do is to keep up to date and have a rigorous conceptual framework from the different perspectives from which these issues must be approached today. This is where this document is of great value.

At the initiative of Fide’s Digital Money and Payment Systems Working Group, we have brought together professionals from the fields of law, economics, finance and technology to help us understand this reality, to propose initiatives and approaches from their respective fields that they believe should be taken into consideration by the national authorities or, where appropriate, to provide valuable information to all citizens interested in making responsible decisions in the financial sphere. And we believe that they have achieved their objective. 

This document is interesting reading for both experts and the initiated, and above all, it is a comprehensive overview of a reality that will change a very important aspect of our lives and our society as a whole.  

Digital Money and Payment Systems 2022

A legal, economic and technological analysis of the world of Digital Money and Payment Systems in 2022 in Spain and the world.

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