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11am-12pm CEST

Protecting Domain Names in a Worldwide Context

GDE 16


During, and further to the COVID Crisis, digital business, and access to digital information increased exponentially. The protection of Internet Domain Names became more and more important for business operators, and also for Organizations highly visible on the net, i.e. for society in general. The value of Domain Names thus increased exponentially, exposing them, and the IP assets they relate to, to cyberattacks, cybersquatting and cyber-grabbing. How is /can IP Protection be currently further enhanced? What kind of consensus may exist in various parts of the world and in international fora for such an enhancement? For this Session of our Global Digital Encounters, Speakers from Europe, Asia, and North America with a variety of opinions will provide a worldwide picture of the future of IP protection connected to Domain Names, and for re-imagining IP in this area in favor of both business and consumers/society.



Meet the Panel

Malcolm BAIN

Partner at Across Legal

Caroline BERUBE

Managing Partner of HJM Asia Law

Moderator: Joe SEKHON

Senior Lecturer in IP Law at the University of Portsmouth


GDE 16: Protecting Domain Names in a Worldwide Context

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About our Speakers

Malcolm BAIN

English solicitor and Spanish abogado, practicing IPR and ICT law since 2000 in Barcelona, associate professor of law at the University of Barcelona and visiting lecturer at several European universities. Malcolm has worked since the “Dot.com” boom on intellectual property law applied to technology, advising private companies, entrepreneurs and public entities, and with a special focus on open source and open content, giving advice on IP and technology protection and licensing, open innovation and collaborative research, and compliance issues. He has presented the legal issues of ICTs in a variety of settings, from developer conferences and hackathons to the Sorbonne, Paris, and has contributed several book chapters and participated in several mentor programmes for technology startups.

Caroline BERUBE

Caroline Berube is the Managing Partner of HJM Asia Law, a boutique law firm with offices in China and Singapore. She is admitted to practice law in New York and Singapore, holds a BCL (civil law) and an LL.B. (common law) from McGill University (Montreal, Canada) and studied at the National University of Singapore with a focus on Chinese law in 1998/1999. Caroline worked as a lawyer in Singapore, Bangkok, China and South Africa (China Africa desk) for British and Chinese firms and established her own firm in 2007. Based in Asia since 1998, Caroline represents SMEs, MNCs, foreign banks and private equity firms in the Asia Pacific region dividing her time between HJM offices in China and Singapore. Caroline advises on legal corporate structures, M&A, IP/Technology and employment law in Asia. Caroline was selected in 2015 as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. She is the author of the practical book “Doing Business in China” published by Lexis Nexis in French and English and publish various articles on commercial law, IP and M&A in Asia with various publishing houses.


Senior Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law at the University of Portsmouth and a visiting professor at Bocconi University Milan and Paris Nanterre University. Joe has been providing strategic and operational IP advice to early-stage tech entrepreneurs for the past 20 years and one of his main areas of focus has been devising domain name strategies for entrepreneurs. During this time, he has worked with the UK’s largest free entrepreneur accelerator programme, the NatWest Accelerator and written extensively on the subject of IP and entrepreneurship for the mainstream media including HuffPost and UK Tech News. Joe has also been on a start-up journey of his own, having secured £30,000 in seed funding from the UK Intellectual Property Office to launch an IP clinic for student and graduate entrepreneurs (iPass).  iPass now has a nationwide reach. Joe has also recently been appointed as PatSnap’s first academic in residence in order to provide PatSnap’s online course platform team, Innovation Academy with strategic direction in order to ensure that its IP and innovation courses meet the demands of its corporate customers. Joe has also presented and written extensively on the use of social media channels to educate entrepreneurs on the importance of IP to their start-up ideas; he has contributed a chapter specifically on this issue to a forthcoming book looking at innovations in the IP teaching field.


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