Trademarks as a business tool towards a new rebound – GDE 6

"What role will trademarks play as business tools towards a new rebound, in an evolving business and social format that's being transformed by the COVID-19 crisis? Learn the conclusions reached by world-leading experts at our 6th Global Digital Encounters."

The post-COVID Crisis environment is marked by a profound transformation of business and company operations, commercial transactions, and consumers’ approaches to brands including a further digitalization of society and new geography for key trademarks. Consequently, trademarks will play an important role as business tools towards a new rebound, in an evolving business and social format. How will /may trademarks play this new role? Which meanings might be expected from this evolution? Are trends of the recent past to be simply accelerated, or would there be space for diverse scenarios? Speakers from three continents will provide a worldwide picture of the profoundly evolving trademark environment under a deeply transformed post-crisis environment and elaborate on possible future scenarios.

In this 6th Global Digital Encounter, we’ve met with the following experts to bring answers to these questions.

Moderator: Dr. Alberto CASADO CERVIÑO, Former Vice-President EUIPO, Former Vice-President EPO, Former Director-General SPTO

If you missed the previous events, they’re available online!
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